2213 Tyler Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733

About us

At P&T Metals, we are committed to transforming the approach to scrap metal recycling. As a family-owned business operating in Southern California for over 50 years, our mission is to provide convenient and profitable recycling solutions to diverse industries.

Leveraging advanced technology, we deliver superior service and competitive compensation. Our ultimate goal is to responsibly manage scrap resources, helping businesses and simultaneously preserving our environment.

Our mission is to make recycling straightforward, beneficial, and sustainable.

P&T Metals Staff Group Photo in Front of Crane
50th Anniversay Badge

Celebrating 50+ Years of Service to Southern California

Our story

The story of P&T METALS began in 1968 in a small trailer on a small dirt lot in the City of South El Monte California when 2 energetic young police officers decided to change professions and give the recycling business a go.

As the years went by, Paul and Ted saw the results of their passion, hard work, and sweat, transform P&T into a bustling and robust recycling facility. Their model – “keep it simple, keep the integrity and honesty”.

50 years later, still in the same family, the model is the same. Straight-forward business ethics with honesty and employee gratification as the forefront of the entire operation. From the custodian to the general manager, all members of P&T will be treated with the same respect and dignity that is deserved- that simple, that direct. P&T’s customer base reflects these beliefs through interactions with its staff every minute of every workday.

Currently, as a California State-certified full-service scrap metals processing and recycling center located in the same location, P&T has evolved into a progressive modern facility with the same principles while serving the commercial and industrial community.

Our team

Kurt Rexius, Chief Executive Officer

Kurt Rexius

President & Chief Executive Officer

Kurt grew up in the family business from a young age, where he was involved in various tasks such as cleaning and sorting scrap, loading and unloading trucks, and making scrap deliveries. One of Kurt's current passions is integrating new innovative machinery and technologies into the handling and processing of scrap metals. Additionally, Kurt finds satisfaction in continuously seeking new scrap metal partners, whether it involves buying or selling from anywhere in the world. He acknowledges that with the advent of current social communication platforms, trading with the rest of the world has reached a whole new level of accessibility and connectivity.

Francisco Zuniga, General Plant Manger

Francisco Zuniga

General Manger

Francisco has over 20 years of experience in the metal and scrap metal recycling business. He began his career at Indalex Aluminum Company, where he worked for 5 years as a crane operator and metal caster. From 2001 to 2007, Francisco served as the department supervisor for the non-ferrous metals division at Pacific Coast Recycling. In 2007, Francisco joined the P&T team, initially working in the warehouse and later as a metal sorter. In 2010, he was promoted to the position of Facility General Manager at P&T. Francisco's responsibilities include overseeing the daily operations of the company, including managing the warehouses, sorting lines, processing lines, and inventory. He has complete autonomy in carrying out these duties.

Brandon Rexius, Chief Operating Officer

Brandon Rexius

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Finance. During the summers, you could find him in the warehouse stripping copper cable and sorting scrap at P&T Metals. After graduation, Brandon began working for a tech start-up company in ad operations. In this role, he set up, managed, and optimized ad campaigns for the company. Within a few years, he decided to join the family business. In 2017, Brandon started working at P&T and eventually became the Chief Operating Officer in 2020. He is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the daily core business. Brandon has a strong focus on streamlining overseas freight and logistics processes to expand the company's export capabilities, resulting in a significant increase in scrap material export volume.

Michael Ciminio, Human Resources Manger

Mike Cimino

Human Resources Director

Michael Cimino has been the Human Resources Director at P&T since 2017. He brings over 36 years of experience as a Director of Talent Acquisition for AT&T, where he started his career in Human Resources. Michael has extensive knowledge of employment and labor laws in California and several other states. He also has a well-rounded background in customer service and bookkeeping.

Blanca Felix, Office & Dispatch Manager

Blanca Felix

Office & Dispatch Manager

Blanca has been in the customer service business for over 35 years. She worked at a busy and popular retail furniture store in Los Angeles for over 17 years, starting as a customer service representative and eventually becoming the store manager. In 2006, Blanca brought her talents to P&T Metals, where she has been for over 17 years. Currently, she manages the administrative office and oversees all outgoing P&T company trucks for scrap deliveries and pick-ups.

Staff - Carlos Caceres

Carlos Caceres

EHS/Safety Director

Carlos has been the EHS and Safety Director at P&T for over 17 years. Coming aboard in 2006, he brought over 30 years of experience from his previous career at Tyco Fire and Security. Creating a wide range of safety training modules tailored specifically for the recycling industry, Carlos helps keep P&T accident free along with the tracking and manifesting of any hazardous materials that come into the facility.