State Certified Recycling Center
State Certified Recycling Center


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Demilitarization is rendering a product unusable for, and not restorable to, the purpose for which it was designed or is customarily used. Methods of total destruction can be accomplished by cutting, crushing, shredding, melting, and burning to the point the property shall be demilitarized to the point of scrap. DEMIL applies to material in both serviceable and unserviceable condition.

P&T Metals is able to safely, rapidly and cost-effectively dispose of such products while minimizing damage to the environment. Our site ensure the highest standards of safety and environmental consideration are applied within our processes. We continuous process improvements, always seeking innovation solutions to the complex challenges of today’s demilitarization market. We achieve this through investment in research and development, ensuring we are constantly at the forefront of demilitarization capabilities and technological advances. P&T Metals provides customer product survey, inspection and assessment, full accountability throughout all processes and a Certificate of Destruction. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and needs.