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Tackle tough contracting and demolition projects without the headache of what to do with leftover scrap metals. P&T Metals is here to help! We’ve got solutions that will help put your scrap materials in their rightful place.

Whether you come to us for a small project or a very large development, our team is ready to help find the right fit for your needs – so don’t let piled-up job-site scrap get in the way of completing your project!

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Celebrating 55+ Years of Service to Southern California

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Why choose us for construction scrap metal recycling

For over 55 years, we have been a trusted name in scrap metal processing and recycling, specifically catering to the construction industry. With our 4-acre state-of-the-art facility, we have served the construction industry of Southern California since 1968. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to separate and quickly evaluate the various types of metals. You will find that we pay top dollar for all types of scrap, including steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and just about any metal you can think of.

How we ensure compliance and security in construction recycling

Hazardous waste

Certified with the Los Angeles County Hazardous Materials Disclosure Program and Hazardous Waste Generator Program. This program ensures that all generated Hazardous materials and substances from materials and related processes are properly disposed of.

ITAR compliant

We are ITAR compliant adhering to each individual project requirement. Our team undergoes regular training to ensure they stay up to date with the latest ITAR compliance guidelines. We adhere to strict security protocols, so you can rest easy knowing your materials & data are in good hands.

State Weighmaster

This certification allows us to accurately weigh and track all incoming and outgoing materials, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

Demil compliant

We’re fully demil compliant either for government material/parts or individual Company policy and equipped to handle the complex requirements of aerospace, aviation, and medical industries. We take pride in our superior demilitarization processes for all industries– ensuring the utmost care and skillful expertise for every project.

Dept of DTSC

We are certified with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, ensuring that our processes and procedures meet the highest standards for handling hazardous waste. You can rely on us to follow all necessary regulations and protocols.

DOT Motor Carrier

We are registered with the Department of Transportation and hold a valid Motor Carrier Permit, which ensures our vehicles are safe, well-maintained, and our drivers are qualified and trained to transport materials safely. All trucks are inspected by the Highway Patrol vehicle inspection department on a routine timeline.
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Benefits of choosing our scrap metal recycling company

P&T Metals offers professional on-site delivery and pick-up service with a wide variety of bins and storage containers to fit your needs. Our in-house processes include sorting, crushing, shearing, shredding, and compacting, which will take any material off your hands in no time at all!

  • Wide range of services: We’re ready to tackle just about any material, from lightweight aluminum, copper, brass,  bulky steel,  and heavy machinery.
  • Custom quote process: Our expertise in scrap management services comes at no extra cost. Consultation is free and our fabrication shop will cater to whatever type of specialty bin you need.
  • Easy pay-outs: All services and transactions are performed in-house. We do not use sub or independent contractors, so all work is performed at our facility. Turnaround time from pick up of materials to payment is usually 1-3 days.
  • Reliable team: Our team is dedicated pros with years of experience. P&T Metals has been in the same location for over 50 years.

Our guarantee

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to the construction industry in Southern California. With our state-of-the-art processing and recycling facility, we are able to offer the highest payouts for your scrap metal. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that every client receives exceptional service, from the moment they contact us to the final transaction.
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Unloading your scrap management can be a hassle! Let P&T Metals make it simple – our team has the experience to handle industrial needs of any size.

Contact us today for more info, and let’s get started on making your life easier!

We buy a wide variety of construction metals & wiring

We buy a wide range of materials. With the highest payouts in the area, we provide a convenient solution for construction companies to sell all their metal & wiring scrap in one place.


How does P&T ensure the accuracy of material weights?

We use industrial-grade weighing systems and certified scales with stringent processes to provide the utmost accuracy. All of our scale personnel go through a comprehensive training regimen and are State certified prior to becoming a qualified weighmaster. Our State certified scales are calibrated every day!

What is the process for selling scrap metal to P&T Metals?

It is a fairly simple process that starts with contacting us either through email or a call. Once it’s determined what is needed, you can either bring the material to our facility or we can arrange a time to pick it up at your location, or deliver the necessary storage bins. When the bins are ready to pick up or swap, an email or call to our dispatch will facilitate the request. Each pick-up is processed separately, so there is no delay in payment.

Can you handle very large, heavy scrap metal?

We have very large material handlers skip loaders, forklifts, shears, and separating machines. We also have a variety of different truck types and storage containers. If it fits on the truck or trailer, we can lift it off.

How long does it take to receive payment?

This will depend on the amount of sorting required. Straight loads of steel or other materials will be weighed, processed, and payment made in 1-2 business days. Loads that require sorting or dismantling usually take 2-3 days.

Are you able to deal with freon-filled components or machinery?

Yes, we are EPA certified to handle and remove freon-based refrigerants from components and units.

What is the lead time to get bins or our site or schedule a pick-up?

A 48-hour notice is preferred, however, next-day service is often the case depending on the urgency. We can also schedule pre-set deliveries and pickups upon request.

Our Services

We specialize in providing a wide range of scrap metal management solutions to meet the needs of various industries and clients. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for all your scrap metal needs. Our team of experts is committed to delivering quality services that exceed your expectations and ensure maximum value for your scrap metal.