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P&T Metals will pay you top dollar for your leftover job-site materials. We accept all types of aluminum, copper, brass, and steel piping, along with valves, fittings, hardware, and stainless steel.

If you’re a plumber with a small job, a large job, or a large-scale manufacturer or supplier, we have been purchasing plumbing scrap materials for over 55 years from the same location.

Our experience allows us to bring the most beneficial processes so that even something as small as leftover job-site scrap, to large inventory surpluses can help streamline your bottom line.

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Why choose us for plumbing scrap metal recycling

We have been in business for five decades now and know exactly how to handle all your plumbing scrap and provide the highest payouts. From plumbing & mechanical contractors and utility companies, we provide great services that cover the full range of materials. Our top-notch sorting, shearing, shredding, and baler compacting capabilities, guarantee no scrap recycling project is too large or small for us! We can provide pick-up service on a one-time basis, a routine scheduled pick-up service, service upon request, or you can drop off material if it’s more convenient. Either way, you’ll be sure to find a solution tailored to fit your needs.

How we ensure compliance and security in plumbing recycling

Hazardous Waste Certified

Certified with the Los Angeles County Hazardous Materials Disclosure Program and Hazardous Waste Generator Program. This program ensures that all generated Hazardous materials and substances from materials and related processes are properly disposed of.

ITAR compliant

We are ITAR compliant adhering to each individual project requirement. Our team undergoes regular training to ensure they stay up to date with the latest ITAR compliance guidelines. We adhere to strict security protocols, so you can rest easy knowing your materials & data are in good hands.

Demil compliant

We’re fully demil compliant either for government material/parts or individual Company policy and equipped to handle the complex requirements of aerospace, aviation, and medical industries. We take pride in our superior demilitarization processes for all industries– ensuring the utmost care and skillful expertise for every project.

Dept of DTSC

We are certified with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, ensuring that our processes and procedures meet the highest standards for handling hazardous waste. You can rely on us to follow all necessary regulations and protocols.

DOT Motor Carrier

We are registered with the Department of Transportation and hold a valid Motor Carrier Permit, which ensures our vehicles are safe, well-maintained, and our drivers are qualified and trained to transport materials safely. All trucks are inspected by the Highway Patrol vehicle inspection department on a routine timeline.
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Benefits of choosing our scrap metal recycling company

We help you safely and securely recycle your used plumbing and mechanical materials with a range of convenient solutions – with easy drop-off at our location or schedule a pick-up at your facility or job site. Our high-tech facility provides shredding, shearing, sorting, torching, melting, and baler compacting capabilities for all kinds of industrial needs. Plus, we guarantee secure handling throughout the entire recycling process!

  • Extensive transport materials: P&T has a fleet of flatbed and roll-off trucks plus a variety of different-sized storage bins and roll-off containers.
  • Quick turn-around: Once your material is received, it is logged into our scheduling matrix and tracked throughout the process. Depending on the size, most loads are processed and completed within 24-72 hours of arrival.
  • Competitive pricing: Our competitive pricing structure ensures that you receive the highest possible payouts for your scrap alloys.
  • Comprehensive services: We offer more than just a scrap junkyard. We can recommend processes and time-saving ideas for your scrap accumulations and different concepts for time savings to generate more profits from your scrap- guaranteed!
  • A real scrap company: P&T Metals is a 3rd generation family-owned scrap recycling Company for over 55 years with real values and integrity. P&T is not owned by a corporate holding Company that owns a scrap Company and several other companies.  We only do scrap.  When you call here, you will never get an automated machine or an out-of-the-country operator to patch you through another unknown location. You will be answered by a trained P&T operator or dispatcher who will try and help you with your needs right now.

Our guarantee

We offer top-notch scrap metal recycling services for the plumbing and mechanical industry. We guarantee the highest payouts in the area and provide accurate honest weights and measures for all materials. Our comprehensive programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, and our customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Trust us for all your plumbing scrap recycling needs in Southern California.
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Get the job done with just one call! P&T Metals can handle your scrap materials from start to finish, making sure you save both time and money.

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We buy a wide variety of plumbing scrap metals

We buy a wide range of materials. With the highest payouts in the area, we provide a convenient solution for plumbing companies to sell all their metal scrap in one place.


Can P&T Metals recycle all types of plumbing scrap, including copper pipe and brass fittings?

Yes, P&T Metals has the tools and expertise needed to recycle all types of copper pipe and brass fixtures, including aluminum, yellow brass, bronze, and more.

What is the process for selling scrap metal to P&T Metals?

The simple process starts with identifying and sorting out different types of metals, then figuring out which containers are best for each. To maximize value even better, on-site staff can provide free training on recognizing harder types of metals – plus giving customers insight into combining or storing them properly without devaluing the scrap in any way.

How does P&T Metals handle the disposal of hazardous materials generated by plumbing processes?

P&T Metals takes the disposal of hazardous materials very seriously. All residual hazardous materials created during the plumbing process are carefully handled and disposed of according to local, state & federal regulations by a team of trained experts. Rest assured that your scrap metal will be responsibly processed with environmental sustainability at its forefront.

How does P&T Metals ensure the accuracy of weights and measures when purchasing plumbing scrap?

We use industrial grade weighing systems and certified scales with stringent processes to provide the utmost accuracy. All of our scale personnel go through a comprehensive training regimen and are State certified prior to becoming a qualified weighmaster. Our State certified scales are calibrated every day!

Can P&T Metals provide container and pick-up services for plumbing scrap?

Yes, we offer a variety of container and pick-up services with our fleet of flatbed and roll-off trucks, plus an array of bins and open-top containers for those bigger jobs. Plus, we accept drop-offs – so no need to worry about moving tons if it’s not necessary.

Our Services

We specialize in providing a wide range of scrap metal management solutions to meet the needs of various industries and clients. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for all your scrap metal needs. Our team of experts is committed to delivering quality services that exceed your expectations and ensure maximum value for your scrap metal.