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P&T Metals simplifies the hassle of scrap metal recycling for contractors and job sites with our comprehensive array of bins and containers.

Our skilled staff provides tailored solutions, from loading to hauling – so you can focus on your next project with a clean space!

With current market prices making processes more costly than profitable, trust us to handle yours seamlessly; contact us today for all your bin container needs!

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Bins and Containers Service in Southern California
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Celebrating 55+ Years of Service to Southern California

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Why choose us for job site recycling metal bins & containers services

With 55+ years of experience in the scrap metal recycling industry, P&T Metals has earned a well-deserved reputation for trust and reliability in our bins and container services. We make sure that your project is handled with the utmost safety as a top priority by taking steps such as maintenance certifications, skill refinement, and special equipment acquisition. Our goal has always been to become one source – small or large clientele alike – where any issue concerning metal can be addressed through our service centers’ extensive offerings!

Reasons why we’re the best in the industry:

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Benefits of choosing our scrap metal recycling company

P&T Metals’ recycling service provides a cost-effective solution that also serves to preserve our environment. For years, we have risen to this responsibility with pride and success – recycling millions of tons of waste metals back into production while drastically reducing atmospheric pollution by reclaiming plastic, computer components (PC boards), and other materials.

Also, our state-of-the-art facilities acquire large volumes of surplus or excess metals, allowing us to remain at the forefront of scrap metal industry innovation for years to come.

With our eco-friendly recycling solutions, you can feel good about helping the planet and your pocketbook! Plus, we offer competitive prices on ferrous metals plus nonferrous elements to make sure your organization stays prosperous.

Highest payouts

We guarantee industry-leading payouts for your scrap metal, ensuring unparalleled value for every piece you provide.

Dedicated support

Our team is on hand to help select the perfect bin size for your needs. Whether you require custom-fabricated bins or mobile options, we’ve got you covered.


Cost-effective solution: Partnering with us alleviates the need for bin procurement, storage, and maintenance, leading to substantial savings for your operations.


With us, rest assured your scrap metal is managed sustainably. Our stringent protocols ensure both ethical disposal and responsible recycling, minimizing environmental impact.

Producing metal scrap without proper recycling bins reduces productivity

Industrial and commercial businesses often struggle with dealing with piles of scrap metal at job sites. Not only does this present an unsightly appearance, but can be a safety hazard for employees and the environment as well.

Finding reliable services to properly recycle scrap metal is possible but difficult – whether it’s for one-time projects or ongoing production needs. Companies must search diligently to ensure they find the right partner who offers efficient service alongside necessary equipment in a timely fashion.

For many companies, managing scrap metal can be a major undertaking. They often involve regulatory compliance and hefty costs to sort, haul, and process material. This can be a super big challenge to deal with massive amounts of material. It’s not surprising that companies seek help from reliable partners who can assist them in managing their extra materials safely & cost-efficiently.

We offer efficient Waste Management solutions with our bins & containers

You’ve probably spent a lot of time finding the perfect company to work with. P&T Metals understands how important it is to provide a hassle-free solution for managing scrap metal at job sites. So, we proudly provide you with bins and containers to conveniently store your scraps and transportation services that come afterward to professionally haul away all scrap material quickly. This gives you the highest payouts on these items while also freeing up space so new projects can be started or resetting recycling processes without any difficulty.

P&T Metals is your one-stop shop for bins and containers for scrap metal needs. With affordable pricing, you get the most value possible with all types of containers like yard containers, forklift bins, and more for your ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Let P&T handle it – on job sites or otherwise; we make scrapping effortless! You don’t have to worry about contacting a company to manage scrap metals again.

Our guarantee

We proudly offer a satisfaction guarantee on all bins and containers services. At any point of dissatisfaction, simply let us know so as can do everything within our power to make it right – no questions asked! We won’t rest until you’re wholly satisfied with the service level provided. Our process has gone through stringent testing against other leading metal companies’ policies for assurance; this way, your needs come first every time!
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Get more from your scrap metal management and turn it into increased profits. With P&T Metals’ bins, containers, and overall scrap metal service plans, you can know that both compliance standards are met while streamlining operations simultaneously!

Take advantage today by scheduling a consultation! Don’t miss out on maximizing profit potential with reliable recycling services provided by our experienced staff.


What types of containers do you offer?

We have got you covered with our wide selection of containers, including forklift bins, yard containers, roll-offs, compactors, and more.

Do you offer recurring services for ongoing scrap production?

Yes, we provide continued scrap production support with our convenient recurring service options.

Can you handle large and heavy pieces of scrap metal?

Of course! Our heavy-duty equipment can easily handle any sized job.

Do you offer any certifications or qualifications for your service?

We have multiple certifications, including ITAR compliant, Demil compliant for Aerospace/Aviation/Medical, Hazardous waste compliant & certified, and more.

How do you ensure the safe and compliant removal of hazardous materials from my job site?

Take comfort in knowing that at your job site, hazardous materials are removed responsibly with a complete understanding of safety standards.

How can I get a quote or schedule service for my scrap metal management needs?

Get in touch with us today by exploring our website for the quote you need. Also, schedule a service or request by giving our team a call –or click on the ‘Get A Quote’ button now!

industries we serve

At P&T Metals, we pride ourselves on being Southern California’s top choice for scrap metal recycling in a variety of industries. We understand the unique needs and challenges of each industry, and we work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements.