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Demilitarization (DEMIL)

Demilitarization is a complex and sensitive process that requires an experienced partner’s expertise. P&T Metals has been providing top-notch demilitarization services for years, earning trust from clients in numerous industries.

Our vast services span characterization to analysis right through the disposal of explosive waste, ensuring projects are conducted with precision and safety in mind every time.

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Demilitarization Service in Southern California
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Why choose us for Demilitarization scrap metal recycling

At our core, we are committed to environmentally conscious disposal procedures. Our team is ITAR compliant and Demil certified for aircraft/aviation materials & medical equipment as well as hazardous waste management, holding necessary certifications with the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) enrolled in the California Environmental Reporting System Program (CERS).

We provide advanced integrated solutions while maintaining safety standards throughout all demilitarization projects handled by our experts, who remain up-to-date on industry trends — ultimately providing you with a reliable national disposer resource for explosive material handling needs.

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Benefits of choosing our scrap metal recycling company

By selecting a respected and experienced company like P&T Metals for demilitarization services, your business can see several benefits. With our advanced systems management capabilities, we are able to safely disassemble surplus munitions into valuable commercial materials, recover metals or plastics for resale purposes, and recycle explosives elements for reuse — all with economy efficiency standards applied at every step along the way. Here are just a few of the top benefits you can expect when you choose our service:

Highest payouts

Our dedication to offering the industry’s best rates means you’ll always receive top value for your demilitarization materials.

On-site evaluation

Our team conducts on-site evaluations of hazardous waste, accurately gauging the risks and ensuring utmost safety.

Certificate of Destruction

Gain peace of mind with our Certificate of Destruction, a testament to complete demilitarization and responsible disposal.


We ensure transparency through customer product surveys, inspections, and assessments, maintaining complete accountability at every stage.

Challenges with demilitarization & disposal

Demilitarization is a complex process for companies involving the safe and compliant disposal of military-grade equipment, weapons, and other hazardous materials.

Despite these challenges – from securing certified personnel to managing associated costs – proper protocols must be implemented in order to protect public safety.

Fortunately, with modern advances in technology, there exist highly experienced service providers available who can handle such processes cost-effectively with high profits.

Solutions for safe & secure demilitarization processes

P&T Metals puts your project first, tailoring our demilitarization services to meet the needs of each client or company.

We deal with hazardous materials, precious metals, and more, finding effective solutions that fall within budget requirements while ensuring safe disposal practices.

Plus, we bring you increased profits by maximizing value through transparent pricing – making all projects more profitable without compromising safety or quality!

Our guarantee

At P&T Metals, we stand behind the quality of our demilitarization recycling services. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring that your scrap metal is handled safely and responsibly, while offering the highest payouts in the area. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.
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P&T Metal’s demilitarization services offer a cost-effective solution to ensure peace of mind and environmental protection. With our people on your side, you can rest assured that all relevant laws are being followed while reducing costs and elevating efficiency.

Get in touch with us now for personalized guidance tailored precisely to your project needs – together, we’ll make sure our planet is left brighter than ever before!


What is demilitarization, and why is it important?

Demilitarization is a disposal service designed specifically for former weapons or munitions to prevent them from ever being used again. This is preventing the misuse of military equipment is paramount to national safety.

What types of equipment do you demilitarize?

We can demilitarize a wide range of equipment, including but not limited to weapons, ammunition, aircraft flares, projectiles, vehicles, rockets, and electronics.

Do you have certifications or qualifications for your demilitarization services?

Yes, we are ITAR compliant, Demil compliant for Aerospace/Aviation/Medical, and Hazardous waste compliant & certified. Our team is also certified with the Department of DTSC (Department of Toxic Substance Control) and enrolled in the CERS Program (California Environmental Reporting System). Additionally, we are members of CUPA (Certified Unified Program Agencies) and enrolled and permitted in the State Resources Stormwater program.

How do you ensure the safe and compliant removal of hazardous materials during the demilitarization process?

P&T Metals adheres to stringent protocols and is trained in hazardous material handling. Our commitment extends beyond those measures as we comply with ITAR regulations for Aerospace/Aviation/Medical support and more certifications listed above.

Can you provide references or examples of previous successful demilitarization projects?

Yes, we can provide references upon request.

industries we serve

At P&T Metals, we pride ourselves on being Southern California’s top choice for scrap metal recycling in a variety of industries. We understand the unique needs and challenges of each industry, and we work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements.